High Praise

Emotional Resuscitation

"It's difficult to describe what happened, but after a few sessions, I no longer felt dead. Val helped me to recognize and understand my own feelings--and it felt as if someone were breathing air into me. So much--in so little time"

Yolanda Olivas, Burbank, CA

Ideal Mate

"Val helped me by having me look deep inside myself and write out on paper the qualities and characteristics that I was looking for in my ideal mate, down to the tiniest of details.  I took my time, and Val helped me to refine my descriptions.  Within a month I met this wonderful person who just so happened to FIT MY DESCRIPTION TO A TEE.  Know what?  I'm still with her and so far so good.  Thank you Val."

Josh McLane Taylor, Rockville, MD

New Job

"For the 2nd time in a row, Val has helped me to manifest a new job, each one better than the last!"

Kathy Richter, San Francisco, CA

She Faced Her Flying Demons

"Although I did it when I absolutely HAD to, I had hated flying for as long as I could remember--white knuckles, panic attacks and nausea. With the kind and gentle help of Val, I have been able to face the "flying" demons, and deal with the emotions I hadn't recognized, but never-the-less associated with flying for so long. Recently, I was able to take my first successful flight in many years. I could look out the windows with confidence, and not spend every thought and all my energy on keeping that plane up in the air!

I look forward to the possibilities my new-found talent will afford me: visiting relatives, seeing my college-age children more frequently, business trips with my husband. Thank you, Val, because through you, I'm communicating so much better with the negative voice inside which kept saying 'I can't.' Well... I can!"

Gerri S., Sacramento, CA

Miraculous Change

"Val has been quite a remarkable "find", for me and for all those I have referred to him for assistance. One way I can describe the results from working with him is "miraculous." For this, I am truly thankful. I have called him when I can no longer see and he has cleared my vision to crystal clear.

I have called him when I felt there was no hope, and he has managed to help me bring an immediate change to my circumstance. And for him, I always thank the Gods. When I see how he has managed to help me and my friends to remove the blocks so we can move on to better and fulfilling times, I again believe that there is a light.

He is someone who always helps me to be the best I can be. He is a wonderful spiritual counselor, and a friend. In speaking with him just once,  I gained the equivalent of six months of therapy in one shot."

Karen Rizzo, Melville, NY

Solid Foundation

"After working with Val, I have to tell you that I feel more integrated-more whole. I don't feel as angry or helpless as before. I have dealt with certain limiting feelings and emotions and moved on. Even though it sure feels like new territory,  I feel as though I have support and a foundation on which I can build upon now. I'm not as afraid as before, and I feel a lot lighter--in the heart area. It feels great. Thanks a helluva lot!"

Robin McLean, Orlando, FL

Happily Married

"I had a great experience working with Val. I worked with him on attracting my ideal mate (which I DID!) and we've been happily married for 3 1/2 years now! Things are going well and we continue to grow together every day!"

Anjali S., Bay Area, Northern CA


"Working with Val has been both unsettling--and rewarding. Unsettling, because he goes right to my essential core and shakes it up. Rewarding, because once the "other stuff" is shaken, another part of me that has lain asleep comes forth and interacts with the world."

Charlene Scott, Paget, Bermuda

Found the Love of His Life

"Val's work is brilliant. Working with him is the most important thing I have ever done for myself. His interactive process is so unusual and disarming that it's hard to describe. What I know is that it works. I was 'just getting by' and now I'm living my life adventure! Best of all, I have found the love of my life. He gets my highest recommendation."

David Thompson, Toronto, Canada

Profound Effect

"I want to thank Val for helping me and turning my world upside down at the same time. He has had a profound effect on me despite our short visit. I'm sure our paths will cross again. And when my book is published, I will definitely acknowledge him in the acknowledgements section!"

CR Duffy, Farthingale, Bermuda