High Praise

Happiness Returns

"I was in a RUT!  The harder I tried to pull out of this rut the more deperate I felt. The enjoyment and adventure of life had come to a halt. I needed a direction and explanation.  Within one session with Val, not only was my happiness returning, but I was also given the explanation as to why this rut happened.  Thank you so much Val."

Gail Hanson, Kingsbeach, CA


"What is one session with Val like? Empowerment. A reconnection with myself. He's good at bringing me out of my pit, even though at first I'm usually reluctant. Since working with him I feel more confident and have created more of what I want in my life."

Tricia Wisenbaker, Houston, TX

Prosperous Career

"Val's has helped me to create and develop a prosperous career doing work that I love. His skillful support and guidance have powerfully impacted my life, and continue to do so. As a result of my improved self-value and self-respect, I also have much healthier eating habits and have more energy than ever before."

Jeanette Logan, Vallejo, CA

Deep Inner Peace

"Val will take you where you want to go with the genuine compassion of a master. He will take you no further than you surrender, recognizing an equality where guide and client sometimes become interchangeable. He is sensitive and familiar with energies so that what you receive goes beyond the mind and touches your very soul. Life continues to be miraculous and for the first time in this body I actually feel a deep inner peace cultivating."

Mary Filice, Ashland, OR

Free and Clear

"Ten years ago I lost my job and housing at the same time. A friend of mine recommended that I call  Val. I am very grateful that I did because my life changed for the better within months. Over the last 11 years I have worked with him at various times. Val is playful and understanding and effectively guides me through the occasional dark place that I sometimes find myself stuck in.

When I feel unhappy or frustrated about things in my life,  I give him a call. He is always conveniently available by phone to step up and help me. From him, I continue to learn creative ways to resolve my problems. After a session with him, I feel free, clear and available to my life again."

Pam Will, San Rafael, CA

Cut Through The Lies

"I'm greatly impressed with the work of Val Logan. He gently helped me cut through the "logical lies and negative self justifications" I was telling myself that kept me from understanding my core issues and which were causing inner pain. With Val's help, I saw that I was holding on to childhood conditioning to support very real adult emotional pain. I have great respect for his professionalism and highly recommend his work to recognize emotional blocks and self-critical behavior."

Patricia, Mountain View, CA

Effective Solutions

"I found it to be an interesting experience with Val. He is a gentle, caring, compassionate man. By asking questions, he helped me find my true feelings and effective solutions to my problems. He also taught me how to  come from a good, affirmed place for future interactions. I highly recommend him."

Leigh Taylor, Fayetteville, AR

Remarkable Progress

"I had an hour with Val for the first time today and I already feel better and lighter. I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. In only one hour I feel as though I have made remarkable progress with the problems I brought with me and seem to have left behind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Ned Lowenbach, Attorney at Law, Pleasant Hill, CA

Very Deep Release

"I have personally experienced Mr. Logan's ability to reach core issues. He safely assisted me in bringing these issues up through my subconscious and releasing them down to a cellular level."

Kathleen Dean, Dallas, TX

Personal Freedom

"Thank you Val for being my light in the dark places. Thank you for your loving approach that keeps me safe through the unexplored path towards my personal freedom. You are a blessing beyond words. Thank you Val, thank you."

Andria Young, Fairfield, Ca