High Praise

Coming Out of Her Shell

"Val is amazing! He has helped me release some major blocks that I have been carrying around for a very long time. During this time of change, I have been feeling much more empowered and have been slowly coming out of my shell. Val does amazing work within a short period of time and I look forward to continuing my work with him."

Melissa Yue, Milpitas, CA

Unlocked Confidence

“When I met Val, I had been on a spiritual journey for about a year. I signed up for a session, not because there was anything particularly wrong with my life, but I wanted to see where he could take me. In just one session with Val, I noticed a significant change in my entire outlook.

Val has helped me to find this wonderful person inside of me that I don’t think I knew even existed. I have become a butterfly emerging from my cocoon, open to life’s possibilities. Val can do wonderful things, and I am eternally grateful. I have to thank him for unlocking the confidence inside of me so I could pursue what was once only a dream.”

Kelly Fleming, Severn, MD

Tools For Positive Change

"I had a very positive and empowering consultation with Val. He is very skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and providing the tools to change what isn't working. Most importantly, he has helped me understand how our past experiences provide the answers to resolving current issues."

Lora Pascucci, Greenbrae, CA

Mastering Self-Guidance

"Val is teaching me how to talk back to the little voice in my head that has been sabotaging things for me for years. He is amazingly intuitive in helping me zero in on what the real problem is.  I have been through therapy and other coaching, but it didn't make the difference that my work with Val has.  I highly recommend him."

Sylvia Egan, Benicia, CA

Huge Relief

"I have never worked with someone like Val. In 5 minutes of question and answer he was able to identify and have me identify issues that I didn't even know I had. At the end of our brief session I felt a huge well of energy open up and it was as if someone had taken a huge  brick off of my heart."

Zach Gold, New York City

Valuable Relationship Skills

"I really appreciate Val's commitment and excellent facilitation of the group work we all do together in Ohio. It has been very helpful for me and my personal process, and I look forward each month to deepening my relationship with myself, and the others in the group. The skills I practice there are available for my use in all my relationships.

I feel the group setting is particularly valuable, as it allows each of us to move into deeper, uncharted territories with support. As a result of many years of personal process work, and more recently, working with Val, I can clearly say; "I am", and I move forward into my own experience with "becoming" the full potential of possibility within myself. Val has helped speed up the process."

Judy Fasone, Columbus, OH

Sound Slumber

"I used to experience many sleepness nights. My mind would not shut off. Val is able to track down and help me transform the deeper causes of my mental chatter. The inner peace that emerges is truly nourishing to my soul. As a result, I now, with rare exception, drift off into a very sound slumber. When I awaken I feel refreshed and deeply satisfied."

Jeanette Logan, Vallejo, CA

New Level of Communication

"Through working with Val, I have gained a new level of confidence in my ability to handle whatever happens in my relationships. My willingness to say what I need to say to other people has increased, and as a result, I feel more comfortable with my needs and wants and can express them much easier.

Val helps me work through my issues and keeps me focused on the things that are most relevant to my growth in the moment. He is so great at tuning into what’s happening inside of me. We identify the issues buried inside, holding me back from getting what I really want. He helps me see where I’m stuck, where I have wrong beliefs about myself, and where I’m not telling myself the truth.

Together, we come up with simple and effective ways for me to get past my own stuck points. As a result of our work together so far, I have enjoyed many transformative conversations in my intimate relationships and with my family. I generally feel more accepting of my desires, and this helps me express them easier…a priceless benefit going forward into the future."

Lilly Schlachta, Oakland, CA

Manifested Love

"I hid in the darkness of unfulfilling relationships where fear and full connections were absent.  I am now riding the rainbow of joy finding the love I desire, just as I am, for I am enough.  Val opened my mind to see, feel and connect to my center so that i could manifest and believe in the fulfillment of my hearts  desire -  to be in a compatible, loving, joyful relationship where we both learn and grow together all along the way with laughter! I know where to return if I need more support."

Eugenia Dean, Bermuda

Time Well Spent

"One hour with Val was better for me than three years of psychotherapy!"

Stephanie Regan, NY