High Praise

Beyond Wildest Expectations

"What can I say about a man who sees through you to your soul and loves you for the truth that is buried deep within. As a result of my experience with Val [and the seminar that he co-facilitated], I have moved far beyond my wildest expectations. I've found the relationship and the career of my dreams and have never been happier.

I know who I am, what I want, and where I'm going. The most exciting part of my growth, however, is the fact that the people who are traveling this path with me are the greatest people in the world."

Karen Holmes Taylor, MPA, Minister, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Worth More Than Money

"Val is a great source for helping a person to stay focused and to keep life in perspective. I thank him for reminding me of what I already know but forget all to often. The feeling of confidence that comes over me after speaking with him and sorting stuff out is worth more then all the money I think I could imagine."

Deb Aufiero, Burlingame, CA

Serious Seekers

"Val created an environment for me to make deep and lasting changes. I'd like to post a sign on his door to read, 'Serious seekers only, please!'"

Jack Potticary, Ashland, OR

Miracle Worker

"Of all the earth angels or teachers I know Val is the only one who  immediately gives me back to myself. He reminds me of who I AM and gently guides me to use the power within me. He is a miracle worker. I am and forever will be eternally grateful that God gave me Val."

Shari Galardi, La Jolla, CA

Valuable Tools For A Lifetime

"For me, Val has been an incredible support to work with. My husband and I have worked primarily with Val together for couple's coaching. Val has a sensitive, yet direct way of listening and reflecting back what he hears each person saying. He does this in a way which is accurate and yet gentle and nonjudgmental at the same time. He uses humor very effectively as well.

As a person whom has always been extremely sensitive to other's sarcasm and jokes, I am particularly appreciative of Val's way of helping me to laugh and find levity in what only moments before seemed like horribly dark places within myself. Val is a terrific communicator himself, and he is very adept at sharing these skills with the people he works with so they too may learn valuable tools to take with them into the rest of their lives. I am very grateful to him and his work. Thanks Val!!"

Christine McTighe, McCall, ID.

Hopeful Future

"Val has the gift of getting to the bottom line of your issues without a lot of words. One session with him was better than ten visits with my therapist. I felt energized and alive after our visit. And very hopeful and encouraged about my future."

Fran McCollum, Bowie, MD

Instant Pain Relief

"I recently had a fever and a constricting pain in my legs. After trying several natural remedies and even a common medication with no relief of my symptoms, I began to suspect that it was stress related.

I decided to work with my favorite intuitive counselor, my wonderful husband, Val. He sensed that I was holding onto some repressed anger, which he helped me to identify, express and transform. Afterward, my fever and muscle aches went away completely. I am still in awe of how he was able to help me so powerfully in one session! He is such a blessing in my life."

Jeanette Logan, Vallejo

Able to Work Again

"I have worked with Val Logan for about 3 months now. Every session, from the 1st introductory one on, has brought an immediate shift in my awareness & understanding of my situation. This awareness transforms my perception of people & situations & especially of myself.

"With Val's mediation of the "inner critic" and "avoider" parts of myself, for the 1st time in several years, I have begun to work again. He takes me to places deep within myself & guides me through challenging issues. This deep work, which is intertwined with laughter & tears, is truly healing work."

Elma Ondrey, Berkeley, CA

High Level Support

"The day I met Val I recognized a unique, talented person who really struck me with the amount of love in his heart for others. I felt that he was someone I could trust; both from a personal standpoint and a technical competence standpoint. I rarely go outside myself anymore for personal "development," but I needed somebody at a high level.

Without a doubt, I called Val to assist me in my quandary. Together, we took care of the "block" effectively and promptly. Describing the experience would not give justice. However, I would recommend him without a doubt to anyone who is on the "fence" of making clear decisions about the way they perceive themselves and their life. Thank you, Val - for everything!"

Kerry Boytzun, Lexington, KY.

Dead Feelings Revived

"I appreciate the help Val has given me and my husband over these many months.  We were overwhelmed by many things and had lost contact with each other.  I could see no way out and was depressed by that and health problems.

Val helped me focus on what I wanted in life, my deadened feelings were revived and my husband and I are communicating. There was a lot of buried anger and resentment on both our parts.  Life can be very challenging at times.  Sometimes the challenges overwhelm our coping skills.  That is what happened to me and I thank God Val was there to help me find a way out of what seemed like an impossible situation.

He has taught me that I need to focus on what I want and not what I don't want and given me the words to express my needs and preferences. It has been particularly helpful to release the past and overcome the hurtful feelings that I've carried around for so long.  Val has been a life line."

Ann Lavigna, Bowie, MD