Revitalize a Struggling Relationship

Are you ready to rejuvenate or replace a failing relationship? Do you want a heavy, sad relationship restored back to the time when it was light and joyful. Back to a time when it was mutually fulfilling and nourishing? Val will help you create that uplifting relationship with your current partner or a partner-to-be. The arguments, misunderstandings and hurt feelings will become part of your remote past freeing you to move forward into the relationship you really deserve.
transformational power of forgiveness

Quiet That Inner Critic

Is it finally time to quiet the constant inner critic?

The one who always puts you down and keeps you in emotional bondage? Do you want a better relationship with yourself – free to finally fly? Val will help you re-frame any old, outdated inner visions of yourself. You will learn to transmute the inner darkness of the constant critic into a soul-nourishing light that will lift your spirits and your life.

Fulfilling Relationship

Explore a Fresh Approach

Does psychotherapy seem like it misses the mark?

Maybe just talking and talking about all of your issues doesn't really work for what you need. Val's approach is eclectic, drawing from a variety of strategies that cut to the chase. Val treats his clients as unique and resourceful individuals who deserve fulfilling relationships. Val's healing practices are humanistic where each person is valuable and has the potential for a greater quality of life.

You're in good company...

Magical Relationship

We may not have met and definitely wouldn’t be together now if it weren’t for Val’s profound support. Today, our relationship is magical and a source of inspiration to others.



Deep Healing
“Val is helping me heal the deepest parts of my human soul! I had tried therapy, and other spiritual type growth seminars (all helped in part), but Val is the most exceptional coach/counselor I have ever worked with. I am forever grateful! He can “hear” in ways no therapist has been able to do for me. This is NOT ordinary counseling.Val will give you “new tools” for your tool box. Like me, you will begin to enjoy life’s journey and flourish with deeper authentic vitality, love, intimacy, health, happiness, and self-expression.

No Regrets!

“A few months ago we were looking for a relationship coach. We chose Val Logan. He mainly works over the phone, and we could not imagine how this would work. We both had done counseling before, but Val ‘blew our minds.’ I can attest to all the testimonials and claims made on his website and strongly recommend him for relationship coaching and personal growth work.

fulfilling relationships

Improved Self-Esteem

Val’s gentle probing and nonjudgmental professionalism helps me feel safe to dive fearlessly to the source of my problems. Invariably his sessions are punctuated by bursts of laughter, frequent “ah-has” and occasional tears from old memories. He is a master at correctly intuiting my feelings and reframing those early childhood misconceptions which still persist in undermining my self-esteem. God bless Val … my transformational life coach.

Fulfilling Relationship

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