Val’s Unique Approach

Love and Relationships Transformation

Val’s coaching, counseling and communication work is his own unique blend of spiritual counseling, transformational coaching, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), law of attraction education and intuition. These modalities work magically together to help you in empowering ways.

Powerful Synergy For Living The Authentic Life

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING helps you to connect with your deepest life purpose and Fulfilling Relationshipto put your passionate feelings behind what you do. TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING helps you to go beyond your perceived limitations to embody new levels of awareness and effectiveness. HYPNOTHERAPY helps to create a relaxed state of mindfulness so your subconscious mind can be guided in a purposeful direction. NLP uses the power of language and description to support the reframing of your negative perceptions into positive ones. Val’s remarkable INTUITION acts like a precision laser beam expediting the discovery and clearing of whatever is blocking you. The synergistic blend of all of this amazing transformational work along with understanding how the LAW OF ATTRACTION works will powerfully improve your ability to create and draw to you whatever you want in life.

Create Fulfilling Relationships Without Psychotherapy

Val is not a psychotherapist. His focus is on your positive psychology, your wholeness, your wellness and on solutions, not problems or dysfunction. He doesn’t analyze or extensively work on past traumas and negative experiences to heal wounds, which can be a lengthy, painful process. Instead, Val deals primarily with the “here and now” to assist you in expanding your capacity to MANIFEST YOUR DESIRED RESULTS. If necessary, he will only touch briefly on your past, to free up any of your life energy that may be stuck there (due to struggles such as fears and anxiety, issues in communication or a sabotaging inner critic). Many of Val’s clients say that, after working with him, they feel immediate relief and a joyful upliftment that feels deeply satisfying. His work will empower you to live more fully NOW.

Law of Attraction Education – Not Traditional Life Coaching

Val is also not a traditional life coach who focuses more on action plans to achieve goals, without exploring the deep inner patterns. With Val, you WILL be delving into your most essential being, where all of the best of you is waiting to be accessed and developed. Val’s transformational coaching supports and guides you in becoming clear and energetically aligned with your most fulfilling aspirations. As a result, you will feel more naturally inspired and eager to move into the organized and timely action that makes a real difference in your life. Creating a trustworthy, fulfilling relationship with yourself is a very important part of the authentic life journey and positively effects what the law of attraction brings to you.

Passionate Action Dramatically Affects The Law of Attraction

When you combine feeling with action, then achieving your goals is not only easier and more effective, but also much more rewarding. Truthfully, one does not really work without the other. One is the vehicle and one is the fuel. When a person is well motivated and inspired, all that person needs is knowledge and guidance. However, when a person has all of the knowledge and guidance necessary and yet is still not genuinely inspired because of conflicting feelings, then another approach is needed.

Just DOING is Not Enough To LIVE the Authentic Life

If you are blocked emotionally, no matter what you focus on, no matter how much you get done and how hard you try, you will not see the FULFILLING results and loving relationships you are looking for. Yes, it is important to set goals and take appropriate action. However, it is equally important to artfully resolve any underlying issues that may be blocking your success. Fears and anxiety can be powerfully transformed into excitement and creative possibilities.

LASTING Change For Lasting Love and Relationships

With Val’s unique, inside/out, blended approach to coaching and counseling you’ll accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time. You will begin to have greater access to your truthful, core self and life passion, and therefore the actions you take will be much more effective. This builds high self-esteem and genuine self-confidence, and is absolutely essential and instrumental in creating lasting change that FEELS satisfying and fulfilling. This is LIVING the authentic life!

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