issues in communicationReady to Have Fun With Your Growth

and Live The Authentic Life?

There is a natural place of prosperity, adventure and playfulness within each of us. Do you feel it? Maybe sometimes and sometimes not. What keeps you from it? What are you holding onto that blocks the flow of this glorious joyful place? This is what Val can help you discover and transform.

Fulfilling RelationshipVal’s Transformational Coaching and Spiritual Counseling work draws on a variety of modalities to assist us in bringing our life visions into reality. His work will help you to positively change your perspective about yourself and the world. You’ll no longer see yourself as a victim, rather, you’ll see and experience yourself as a capable adult who can make positive, purposeful choices.  Isn’t it time for more love and fulfilling relationships? Read more about Val’s unique approach.

Handle Your Fears and Anxiety

Val can help you with Life Issues, Relationship Issues, Mind and Body Issues and Spiritual Issues. To learn more, read  Who Can Benefit and Session Details.

Law of Attraction Working Against You?

• Feel imprisoned by fear, shame or loneliness?

• Experience communication issues?

• Is your Inner Critic out of control… pushing you too hard or judging you too harshly?

• Having trouble sleeping at night?

• Struggle with self-sabotaging behaviors?

• Feel unclear about what you want ?

Issues in Communication Lead to Buried Joy

One thing is for certain, life, love and relationships bring us challenges. To make matters more difficult, our most genuine, joyful, capable selves are usually buried deep beneath the limiting and crippling thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we acquired when we were young.  We mean well, we try hard, and yet many of us still do not experience the meaningful success that deep down we know we deserve.

Cultivate a Fulfilling Relationship with Yourself

Unraveling the knots and sifting through the layers of our inner selves can be extremely daunting. However, if we are going to live the authentic life blessed with fulfilling relationships, each of us must find the courage and willingness to journey within. We are spiritual beings having a very human experience.

Without the support and guidance you need, chances are, your life will be much more of a struggle.

Fulfilling RelationshipSolutions are Available

This is where transformational coaching comes in. Our personal growth travels can be made so much easier and more enjoyable when we are led by a wise sage who illuminates our path and helps us get past our fears and anxiety.

Expert in Love and Relationships

With his 36 years of counseling, coaching & teaching experience, his extraordinarily tuned intuition and your active participation, Val Logan can help you to transform your life in a short amount of quality time.

How Do You LIVE The Authentic Life? Val Can Help You

• Get very clear about what you want

• Resolve communication issues and create lasting, loving relationships

• Develop a meaningful and abundant career

• Feel more peaceful and sleep like a baby

• Transform your life into one fun adventure after another!

Get The Law of Attraction Working FOR You

Learn how to magically blend your life vision, right action and your truthful passion to create your most extraordinary life! This session alone can be life changing! Make this your pivotal moment.

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Keep Your Curiosity Alive

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”
~Albert Einstein