Relationship Success Stories

Beyond Wildest Expectations

“What can I say about a man who sees through you to your soul and loves you for the truth that is buried deep within. As a result of my experience with Val [and the seminar that he co-facilitated], I have moved far beyond my wildest expectations. I’ve found the relationship and the career of my dreams and have never been happier.

I know who I am, what I want, and where I’m going. The most exciting part of my growth, however, is the fact that the people who are traveling this path with me are the greatest people in the world.”

~Karen Holmes Taylor, MPA, Minister,  Cape Canaveral, Florida.

New Level of Communication

“Through working with Val, I have gained a new level of confidence in my ability to handle whatever happens in my relationships. My willingness to say what I need to say to other people has increased, and as a result, I feel more comfortable with my needs and wants and can express them much easier.

Val helps me work through my issues and keeps me focused on the things that are most relevant to my growth in the moment. As a result of our work together so far, I have enjoyed many transformative conversations in my intimate relationships and with my family. I feel more accepting of myself and my desires, a priceless benefit going forward into the future.”

~Lilly Schlachta, Oakland, CA

Found the Love of His Life

“Val’s work is brilliant. Working with him is the most important thing I have ever done for myself. His interactive process is so unusual and disarming that it’s hard to describe. What I know is that it works. I was ‘just getting by’ and now I’m living my life adventure! Best of all, I have found the love of my life. He gets my highest recommendation.”

~David Thompson, Toronto, Canada

Magical Relationship

“We may not have met and definitely wouldn’t be together now if it weren’t for Val’s profound support. Today our relationship is magical and a source of inspiration for others.”

~Hall & Lisbeth Johnson, Columbus, OH

Deeper Intimacy

“Our phone work with Val has given us the skills to take our marriage of 26 years to the next intimate level. Just when we thought that our relationship was as good as it would get, Val’s guidance has allowed us to communicate in ways that have deepened our emotional connection. Many of our private fears that we thought we could never dissolve have disappeared and our love continues to grow deeper and richer with each other. Thank you Val for your special skills and insights.”

~Paul and Elyse Walters, San Jose, CA

Happily Married

“When I began working with Val, I thought an honest, supportive relationship was impossible. I had a great experience working with Val. I worked with him on attracting my ideal mate (which I DID!) and we’ve been happily married for 3 1/2 years now! Things are going well and we continue to grow together every day!”

~Anjali S., Bay Area, Northern CA

Improved Family Relationships

“Working with Val has heightend my awareness of my body sensations, enabling me to trust myself. The benefits are accumulative. Relationships with family and friends have improved; my client base has increased. I feel empowered and am having lots more fun!”

~Karyn Deibel, Columbus, Ohio

Ideal Mate

“Val helped me by having me look deep inside myself and write out on paper the qualities and characteristics that I was looking for in my ideal mate, down to the tiniest of details. I took my time, and Val helped me to refine my descriptions. Within a month I met this wonderful person who just so happened to FIT MY DESCRIPTION TO A TEE. Know what? I’m still with her and so far so good. Thank you Val.”

~Josh McLane Taylor, Rockville, MD

Leapfrog Talk Therapy

“We are very grateful for Val’s guidance in strengthening our relationship over the past year. His keen awareness quickly located our particular blocks and focused efforts on needed improvements to our communication. His calm and steady approach helped us overcome stubborn old patterns of unstated assumptions followed by misunderstanding and reaction.

Thankfully, we are now moving towards new ways of relating that emphasize what is most important to us – a deep and lasting connection. Throughout this process, Val has been patient, kind and non-judgmental, although firmly holding either one of us accountable when appropriate.

As well, Val’s approach to “re-writing” unhealthy relationships is extremely powerful. By tackling destructive, embedded conversations learned from the past, he redirects energy towards a more loving, productive future, creating the space for real and meaningful healing.

Val allows one to leapfrog years of traditional talk therapy by focusing on solutions, rather than overworking any sources. We highly recommend Val to every couple, new or more-established, to help build the necessary foundation for improving communication and building a deeper connection. His intuition, skill and dedication are quite remarkable!”

~F & T, East Coast

Dead Feelings Revived

“I appreciate the help Val has given me and my husband over these many months.  We were overwhelmed by many things and had lost contact with each other.  I could see no way out and was depressed by that and health problems.

Val helped me focus on what I wanted in life, my deadened feelings were revived and my husband and I are communicating. There was a lot of buried anger and resentment on both our parts.  Life can be very challenging at times.  Sometimes the challenges overwhelm our coping skills.  That is what happened to me and I thank God that Val was there to help me find a way out of what seemed like an impossible situation.

He has taught me that I need to focus on what I want and not what I don’t want and given me the words to express my needs and preferences.  It has been particularly helpful to release the past and overcome the hurtful feelings that I’ve carried around for so long.  Val has been a life line.”

~Ann Lavigna, Bowie, MD

No Regrets

“A few months ago we were looking for a relationship coach. We chose Val Logan. He mainly works over the phone, and we could not imagine how this would work. He offers one full hour free, so we thought he is either very good or very bad, either way, we have nothing to lose. We both had done counseling before, but Val ‘blew our minds.’ I can attest to all the testimonials and claims made on his website and strongly recommend him for relationship coaching and personal growth work.

I found him to be extremely intuitive, clear, direct and to the point. He does not waste any time and cuts right through to help you to reveal the truth to you, if you like it or not. The first free hour alone was worth hours and hours of “regular” counseling and I felt he truly wanted to help and not sell himself. We bought a 10 hour package and did not regret it.”

~Martin Ucik, Santa Rosa, CA

Valuable Tools For A Lifetime

“For me, Val has been an incredible support to work with. My husband and I have worked primarily with Val together for couple’s coaching. Val has a sensitive, yet direct way of listening and reflecting back what he hears each person saying. He does this in a way which is accurate and yet gentle and nonjudgmental at the same time. He uses humor very effectively as well.

As a person whom has always been extremely sensitive to other’s sarcasm and jokes, I am particularly appreciative of Val’s way of helping me to laugh and find levity in what only moments before seemed like horribly dark places within myself. Val is a terrific communicator himself, and he is very adept at sharing these skills with the people he works with so they too may learn valuable tools to take with them into the rest of their lives. I am very grateful to him and his work. Thanks Val!!”

~Christine McTighe, McCall, ID.

Manifested Love

“I hid in the darkness of unfulfilling relationships where fear and full connections were absent. I am now riding the rainbow of joy finding the love I desire, just as I am. Val opened my mind to see, feel and connect to my center so that I could manifest and believe in the fulfillment of my hearts desire – to be in a compatible, loving, joyful relationship where we both learn and grow together all along the way with laughter!” I know where to return if I need more support.”

~Eugenia Dean, Bermuda


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