What Professionals Say

Rare and Talented Healer

“Val Logan is an exceptional spiritual counselor & transformation coach with the unique ability to quickly take people to the emotional and attitudinal issues underlying their stressful life situations. I have seen him time and time again use his compassion and extraordinary empathy to guide his clients through their challenges into greater passion and joy.

He creates a gentle and loving environment in which people can release the tears, anger or fear that has been carried within the darkness of the unconscious mind often since childhood.

As a family physician for the past twenty-five years, I have clearly learned that the origins of most physical diseases are within consciousness and the body is simply the messenger of the conflicts, sustained fears, suppressed emotional traumas, disturbed patterns of thinking and other imbalances that lie within the conscious and unconscious mind.

However, it is challenging and scary for people to heal at this level. Val, however, has a gift that allows him to guide people to these core issues with delicate sensitivity. Val is a rare and talented healer. (…and he is one funny dude too!)”

~Ronald Peters, MD, MPH, Scottsdale, AZ
Author of “Edgework: Exploring the Psychology of Disease”

Move Mountains

“With retreats, classes, and individual work Val has benefited many adults and children by skillfully demonstrating how people can connect with each other and themselves more deeply and more effectively. Through his insightful guidance Val has shown how speaking out one’s feelings in a kind and gently loving way can move mountains of resistance into a positive joyful outcome.

With humor and passion he creatively inspires adults and children alike to hear and apply in everyday life the relevant teachings of the ages. He demonstrates how honoring oneself honors everyone everywhere. Anyone who sincerely desires a positive change and is willing to face the challenges along the way will benefit from working with Val Logan.

It is with authentic enthusiasm that I recommend Val Logan to you, and encourage you to invite him to give talks, classes, seminars or workshops in your area.”

~Rev George L. McLaird, Sausalito, CA.
Author of “The Marriage Maze”

Restored Faith In Self

“I had the privilege of working with Val Logan many years ago, utilizing his method of accessing information I had stored so deeply within my psyche. I doubt any other method would have been as successful. I had undergone professional “clinical” therapy and the results were far less productive.

Val’s patient, loving and gentle way of working with his clients produces an atmosphere of trust that provides an extremely effective environment for looking at past experiences in a new light. Those experiences, I’ve learned, have had a recurring affect on the way I have made the choices in my life.

With Val’s help, I was empowered to see the choices I made, and how those choices were not my only options. I now know, beyond any doubt, that I am the master of my life and no experience or person has the power to “victimize” me unless I give them that power. Val is wonderfully proficient in assisting others to find their own answers rather than giving them the answers he feels will fit.

That alone, will provide each individual with the confidence that they have the ability and power within themselves to lead more rewarding and fulfilling lives of peace and prosperity. I recommend Val and his process to anyone and everyone looking for a way to find out what is keeping them from being everything they want to be.

It restored my faith in myself and I’ve seen it work for scores of others. Trust, forgiveness and love are powerful tools and he uses them not only wisely, but very well.”

~Linda Mechem, Minister, Dallas, GA.

More Joyous Living

“Val Logan is amazing in the way that he works with people! As he listens to what you say, he has the uncanny ability to hear the true issues and circumstances hidden within your spoken words.

Then, through his gentle and unique process, he helps you to identify limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind. These belief patterns may sabotage all your efforts to be successful in attaining your desires and dreams. We all hold such restrictive patterns. Then, in a way that appears almost magical, Val guides you in transforming these limitations.

Soon, you feel more loving, allowing, energized and focused in your every day life. Now, your dreams can come true. I, and others that I know, now live richer and more joyous lives as a result of Val’s very special healing talents. His process works!”

~Joyce d’Arcangelo, RN, Minister, Ewa Beach, HI.

The Heart of the Matter

“It has been a pleasure working with Val and watching his earnest concern for each and everyone of the students with whom he worked. I personally witnessed his ability to get to the heart of the matter. For each student it was very different moving from one to the next, and therefore, I had a chance to see him work in a wide and diverse field of experiences.

He has a unique ability to see what is holding someone back. He provides ways for people to free themselves and steps for them to gain their own freedom as they continue to explore “who” they really are. I look forward to working with him again sometime soon. Aloha!”

~Mark Saito, Oahu, HI
Hawaiian Kahu and Ninjitsu Master

Indescribable Lightness and Openness

“I  remember when I first saw Val: our workshop was already in progress and he entered the back of the room discretely, silently, almost humbly, and yet I immediately felt, sensed, an incredible strength and power. Later, when he came and stood before us to begin his session, this feeling was confirmed: he was more clear, and more present, than anyone I had ever seen.

He began by gently inviting us to enter into a new space with him. He shared a story with us, and encouraged us to be present and open during the time that he would be  working with us. His invitation was irresistible, and the next few hours with him were remarkable. In recounting the experience afterwards, and in attempting to describe the profound impact it had upon me, I have often struggled to find the right words. I usually begin by attempting to describe Val’s gift: his genuine presence and his remarkable ability to listen. It is as if, in silently sitting beside us, he can “hear between the lines” of the words we speak.

It is through this uncanny listening, and his kind and gentle inquiry into our present moment awareness, that he is able to support and guide us in exploring the uncharted territory of our interior worlds. And, it is as if this insight and guidance affords us an opportunity, to break through cyclical patterns of habituated thinking and feeling, freeing us to become more clear and more aware, in the present moment. The net effect is a feeling of almost indescribable lightness and openness. It is as if you can now breathe into spaces that were never accessible before.

In the last 3 years, I have been through many large and small group sessions with Val, and I have yet to meet anyone who was not profoundly moved by, and grateful for, the opportunity to work with him. His is the first form of emotional process work I have seen that is completely non-invasive and non-traumatic. His approach is gentle and self-paced; his engaging sense of humor evokes the best, and lightest in all of us; and the support that his wife, Jeanette, brings to the work is a testimony to the value, clarity and efficacy of Val’s unique process.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have had to work with them both, and I highly recommend the experience to anyone who is ready to bring more clarity and openness into their life.

~Metta Zetty, San Antonio, TX
M.Ed. in Human Resource Development Leadership