Legal Notice

Pursuant to the California Business and Professions Code, Fulfilling Relationships as a part of the business Living Ultimate Values makes the following disclosure: Fulfilling Relationships as a part of the business Living Ultimate Values is a practice that provides services that are alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state.

Owner Val Logan, D.D., C.C.H., Ph.D. is a legal Alternative/Complementary Healthcare/Wellness Provider; not a licensed physician. His self regulated holistic treatments and specialties do not require state licensing and his client-centered disciplines, philosophy, education, experience and certification allow him to assess, advise and assist his clients to:
1. Master Personal Goals
2. Transform physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual limits
3. Enhance Well-Being
4. Receive Professional Support

“I, Val Logan (Owner of LUV), as a spiritual counselor, transformational life and relationship coach, hypnotist and NLP practitioner, am a teacher, guide, motivator and coach whose goal is to assist persons in resolving normal problems of living. My work is alternative in nature, as I do not engage in the independent diagnosis and treatment of medical or mental disease. My D.D. and Ph.D. degrees are alternative and nonacademic.”

Members of the public have a constitutional right to seek services from an alternative practitioner first, to determine if such intervention is sufficient to resolve their problems. Each client will be interviewed and if it is determined that the services provided can be of benefit, Val Logan. will provide services in accordance with his education, training, and experience.

All of the following services that I offer are professional client-focused services where an individual or couple is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship and/or life goals with effective support, information, and guidance.

Services Offered

1. Transformational & Relationship Coaching. A coach facilitates personal goal achievement by helping people to find their own answers and creativity within themselves. A coach provides a safe space, questions, insights, skills and strategies to help educate, motivate and inspire people who are wanting to improve their lives and their relationships. A transformational coach assists people in revealing the core interpretations and beliefs that block them from experiencing the success they desire. He also invites them to take full responsibility for their lives so they are empowered to create positive change and to move forward with creating their dreams.

2. Spiritual Counseling. This is guidance and support for a person to more fully experience his/her spiritual nature through truthful and genuine choices. The major focus is upon aspects such as: faith, devotion, wisdom, compassion, spiritual techniques (eg. prayer, meditation, manifesting, creative visualization, role playing and affirmations), and spiritual experiences. The aim is to empower the individual, as a basically well-adjusted person, to further his/her growth towards recognizing and becoming part of the larger experience that we call life. Spiritual counseling encompasses all levels of the person’s gradually awakening consciousness. At first, spiritual issues revolve more around personal levels. But gradually the individual begins to address areas that become transpersonal and universal in scope.

3. Hypnosis. A hypnotist uses guided relaxation techniques and role playing to help a client consciously enter into a self-hypnotic state. A self-hypnotic state is a state of relaxed concentration which anyone can enter naturally. Suggestions are then made to help the person improve the quality of their life and attain their positive goals regarding problems, challenges and issues. Suggestion is the artful use of imagination to increase a client’s enthusiasm for self-improvement using self-help techniques. Self-help techniques are thinking strategies used by normally-functioning people to remind themselves of improvements they wish to make in their lives. Hypnosis is not a state of sleep, but a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body and emotions. During hypnosis you can think, act, talk, and open your eyes at any time. The hypnotist utilizes interviews, discussion and hypnotic methods dealing with underlying issues whenever appropriate, with the goal of achieving effective and lasting results.

4. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is a behavioral technology, which simply means that it is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life behavior. It allows the client to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors, as he/she desires, and gives him/her the ability to choose his/her mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being. Rather than seeing life as a series of problems, the NLP Practitioner helps the client see life as a series of opportunities. The client learns how to grow from every single life experience, thus increasing his/her ability to create a better quality of life. NLP is a very practical technology based on an ability to produce desired results, thus allowing the client to become proficient at creating his/her future. In the end it is not a lot different from understanding how to program a computer — your own bio-computer.

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