Law of Attraction and Manifesting 101

How to Consciously Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

Law of AttractionFirst of all,  though nowadays many people are aware of these metaphysical concepts, we still meet some who are are not.  So then, what IS the law of attraction and what does manifesting actually mean?
The word manifesting means making something real. It’s different than the common practice of goal achievement where we decide on what we want and then take the necessary steps to the successful completion of that goal.

Manifesting begins similarly in that it is important to be clear about what you want to create. However, unlike goal setting that is primarily focused on action, manifesting focuses more on the use of our imagination and feelings along with inspired action to help us create what we want in our lives. This approach can be deeply rewarding and gratifying.

The law of attraction is a universal law that, like the law of gravity, is always working whether we believe it or not.  It is a description of how like attracts like. Think of tuning a piano with a tuning fork and how the sounds harmonize with each other. Or think of how good you feel when you resonate with someone else’s viewpoint.

Law of Attraction CAN Work In Your Favor

When we begin to consciously work with the invisible energy within and all around us then the law of attraction works in our favor. One of the most powerful ways that we can do this is to recognize and genuinely guide our feelings and thoughts so that we become the vibrational match to whatever we’re wanting to attract.

If, for example, having more money will help you feel more excitement and joy in your life then why not Fulfilling Relationshippractice feeling more joy and excitement now in anticipation of having more money come to you? And if you’re looking for a fulfilling relationship, what feelings will that new relationship bring you? Will you be experiencing more happiness, passion and growth? If so, then generate those feelings now as you look forward to having that loving, fulfilling relationship show up in your life.

In summary, to consciously use the law of attraction to manifest your hearts desire:

  • Get clear about what you want
  • Genuinely guide your thoughts and feelings
  • Take inspired action
  • Enthusiastically anticipate receiving what you want
  • Enjoy your results

Does this seem easier said than done? You might be right. Sometimes we have deep issues that block the access to our authentic joy. When we begin to resolve these issues, our life energy flows more easily, and the manifesting process becomes more naturally effective. This is LIVING the authentic life.

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  1. Thank you Val for sharing your wisdom with us. You are a rare human being–I very much enjoyed your talk at Angel Light Bookstore recently.


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