Do You Know How to Add Joy To Your Life by Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires?

~Preparing The Fertile Ground For Your Precious Seed Thoughts To Grow~

By Val Logan, D.D., C.C.H.


When you are feeling good about yourself the world opens up to you. Life is easy. Life is good. Give Me Five! Yeah! This is what makes everything worthwhile. Have you experienced this before? I am sure you have. This is likened to being in the zone-when everything is just right and everything is working well almost effortlessly. This is truly coming again as a little child, as a positive inner child. Here you are creating a powerful simplicity of focus that literally moves mountains. In these moments you attract nothing but good things to you. This state of mind is the pearl of great price! How then do you build the strong foundation that encourages these peak experiences to happen more often? The answer is two-fold. First, you must guide your thoughts, feelings and images toward positive outcomes. This will often times be very easy and smooth. At other times negative programs and old attitudes will pop up to the surface. How do you deal with these old negative programs and outmoded habit patterns?


This brings us to the second part. You must find a way to resolve the issues that are causing these blocks by opening up an honest dialogue between your conscious mind and your unattended subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the “feeling bridge” between the conscious mind and the Higher Self. How often do you open up this kind of dialogue with yourself? For that matter, how often do you make a point of intimately communicating with others? Staying lovingly connected with each other is vitally important and is an ongoing process. Staying genuinely connected with your self is even more important. Most people are usually focused on performance, task-oriented activities and interactions with other people. Do you sometimes put your own in-depth communications with yourself on the back burner because other issues appear to be more demanding? Regularly taking just a few moments to check in with your inner most self would be enough to begin a new pattern of positive perception. You have probably heard the expression “I’ll believe it when I see it” or “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Even if you see it you may not believe it. Or when you allow yourself to relax, drop your guard and then see what you have hoped for, it may not last.


How do you coax this positive feeling-perception into taking up residence within you? From your own Lost Horizon how do you find your way back to Shangri La? Shangri La is the legendary lost high-mountain retreat where people live youthful, high-energy lives well beyond normal life spans. Everyone has his/her very own Shangri La. What if one part of you wants to get back to this idyllic positive and fulfilling way of being and another part of you does not want to go back? Why would you not want to go back there? Perhaps you are used to your pain and suffering. This may be all your old program knows how to do. It knows how to be prepared for the worst. How does it prepare for the best? It isn’t sure how to do that. That’s why you open up a different kind of dialogue. You offer positive support in this new territory.


This presents a conflict between the old and the new. You may try to resolve this conflicting feeling by ignoring it and getting on with your life. This may not always work because something keeps getting in the way. You have planted your life’s garden, and no matter what you do (or don’t do!) it still will not grow. This metaphorical garden does not grow because there are too many weeds and not enough sunshine and water. The ground must be properly cultivated and regularly attended. Even though this may seem too time consuming, this is the most valuable part of preparing the Way. A relevant story comes to mind. A young baseball player was having lots of trouble hitting the ball. He complained to his coach who instructed the young player in the following manner: “When I pitch you this ball, I want you to try as hard as you can to miss it.” The child swung his bat with that intention and hit the ball. He was shocked, amazed and elated. There is a message here. Sometimes it is important to express the opposite of what we consciously feel in order to get to the deeper truth. Then we are ready to follow our feelings like when Obi-Wan Kenobi said to Luke Skywalker, “Follow your feelings Luke! Feel the Force!” Then you are able to guide your subconscious into experiencing greater aliveness and fun. “FUN?” The inner child says, “I want more of that!”


The inner child is open to the present moment without regard for the future or the past. This offers you a great opportunity to guide and direct your inner child into new ways of feeling and perceiving. At the same time, the inner child is held back by old programs. The old programming was put there when you were a child back when you didn’t know enough to object. Without artfully releasing the past and properly conditioning the new feelings, there will be no new perceptions. You will always do what you have always done, see what you have always seen and feel what you have always felt. Life will then be hard, dull, boring and then you will die. Previous mis-perceptions and old fearful protections have held back your creative aliveness. On the other hand, transform your feelings with a new positive awareness and your new aliveness will rush forth. There will be no holding it back. You now experience a feeling of freedom and passion. What a Feeling! Free At Last! Free At Last! Free At Last! Even though this feeling of freedom in itself may take a period of getting used to, what an opportunity! The soil has been lovingly and truthfully prepared. Now you are able to turn the other cheek, but not for more of the same old suffering. Instead, you naturally feel, see and approach things differently. You are now going outside the box of the old limitations!


With this self-loving energy flowing through you, you’ve established a fertile ground where your seed thoughts can grow. Will this good feeling last? Yes and no, yes and no. Life is forever changing. It is always a step at a time process. Each layer has it’s own lock combination and a different kind of resolution. The more resolutions you experience the more of a foundation you have for meeting the next challenge. This is really an adventure of self-discovery. Not knowing where the rabbit is going to jump out next can be the thrill of it. With each new piece of the puzzle you are building a more fulfilled self. Therefore, it becomes easier and easier to sustain a confident feeling of joy. This is definitely new territory. It has been said that when one attempts the impossible, there is no competition. You are going where you have never gone before, and sometimes you may not be able to see the forest because of the trees. Therefore, you may need some help finding your Way.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to keep working the soil of your subconscious so that it stays fertile. Various tools and wizards will appear to assist you along the Way. Actual opportunities are then perceived that were not recognized before, making all this effort worthwhile. You now have the foundation to support your creative genius! You may now access the blessings of your very own Genii in the lamp. BEYOND ALL BLOCKS, BEYOND ALL FEARS, I BID YOU GENII DO NOW APPEAR! AND SO IT IS!

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