Other Life Issues Testimonials

Sleep Issue Resolved

“I am thankful to Val for his effective work with me that has had an immediate and positive impact on my sleep problem. It has now become easier to fall and stay asleep.” 

~Lucy G., Columbus, OH

Improved Self Esteem

“Val’s gentle probing and nonjudgmental professionalism helps me feel safe to dive fearlessly to the source of my problems. Invariably his sessions are punctuated by bursts of laughter, frequent “ah-has” and occasional tears from old memories. He is a master at correctly intuiting my feelings and reframing those early childhood misconceptions which still persist in undermining my self-esteem. God bless Val … my transformational life coach.”

~Alan Larson, M.D. , Southern CA

First Successful Flight in Years

Although I did it when I absolutely HAD to, I had hated flying for as long as I could remember–white knuckles, panic attacks and nausea. With the kind and gentle help of Val Logan, I have been able to face the “flying” demons, and deal with the emotions I hadn’t recognized, but never-the-less associated with flying for so long. Recently, I was able to take my first successful flight in many years. I could look out the windows with confidence, and not spend every energy and thought on keeping that plane up in the air! I look forward to the possibilities my new-found talent will afford me: visiting relatives, seeing my college-age children more frequently, business trips with my husband. Thank you, Val, because through you, I’m communicating so much better with the negative voice inside which kept saying ‘I can’t’. Well…….. I can!!!”

~Gerri Sito, CA

Feeling Free and Empowered

“Val is clairvoyant, insightful, POWERFUL and actually has a fulfilling, loving partnership. He teaches the tools necessary to be free of the crap in our heads that stops us. He helps us see our parts and how to navigate forward to deal with challenges with partners, children, family, etc. Val has been monumental in my life. With the tools and support he’s given me I feel free and empowered so much more of the time and am also able to use the tools on my own when situations arise. Let’s face it, we can all use support in living a happier, more empowered life. I’m worth the time and effort and so are you.”  

~Valerie Bettencourt,  Northern, CA

Now Hopeful About Future

“Val has the gift of getting to the bottom line of your issues without a lot of words.  One session with him was better than ten visits with my former therapist.  I felt energized and alive after our visit.  And very hopeful and encouraged about my future.”

~Fran McCollum, Bowie, MD

Deep Healing

“Val is helping me heal the deepest parts of my human soul!!!. I had tried other therapy, and other spiritual/type growth seminars (all helped in part), but Val is the best most exceptional, phenomenal, coach/counselor I have ever worked with. I am forever grateful!!!! He can “hear” in ways no other therapist has been able to do. This is NOT ordinary therapy. Val will give you “new tools” for your tool box,……You will begin to enjoy life’s journey and flourish with deeper authentic vitality, love, intimacy, health, happiness, and self-expression.

My life would flip-flop between a need “to-be-perfect”,(look good in the world), or a need to “punish-myself”, (maybe over-eat), and suffer alone. Over time this created fear, and stress…but I knew no other way to “BE”. I felt like I was stuck on a treadmill “trying and trying and trying” to feel and look better…(all within the same box), It was impossible from “inside my box”. Val took me “outside” that box…and its been a magnificent awareness!!!

My relationships with my family and friends are improving. I am more comfortable and at ease with creative challenging communications with others.

I have a new ability to “feel” my feelings and express them.

I am less concern with pleasing others and seeking approval to validate my self-worth.

I can now begin to “receive” love and support

I have a NEW wonderful encouraging inner voice to replace the harsh critical unsupportive voice! …..

I am forgiving.myself. I am more accepting of self and others…and I practice gratitude.

Thank you Val, for your tremendous talents in teaching me how to have peaceful balance in my life!!! with love, Elyse Walters”

~Elyse Walters,  San Jose, CA

Spontaneous Manifesting

“Since my sessions with Val, little and big things that I’ve wanted, from a span of 20 years or so up until the present, are being spontaneously manifested. It’s surprising and fun!”

~Sandy Murphey, Novato, CA

Was A Poet and Didn’t Know It

Never having considered myself creative, it was an eye opener to discover that I love to write poetry.  Val has supported me in this effort for more than two years, listening to my work and offering reactions and suggestions. We work on emotional blocks as well. I am now in the process of seeking a publisher for my first small collection of poems.  Working with Val is a journey, often a surprising one.  It’s never what you think it is!  Dare to find out! Thanks and blessings for your wonderful gifts of insight and humor.  In joy, love and adventure.”

~Margaret Gallagher, Jamaica, NY

Transformed In One Session

“Val’s process is very gentle, quick and effective. I learned a lot about myself and about what was holding me back and was able to transform the situation in one session. When the process was completed, I felt whole and complete and looked at life through new eyes. His process taught me a new way of looking at my issues. It was a very valuable experience. Val is a gift to us all, and I have been blessed by his empowering gifts.”

~Dawn Nauton, Glen Burnie, MD

First Time To Feel Deep Inner Peace

“Val will take you where you want to go with the genuine compassion of a master. He will take you no further than you surrender recognizing an equality where guide and client sometimes become interchangeable.  He is sensitive and familiar with energies so that what you receive goes beyond the mind and touches your very soul. Life continues to be miraculous and for the first time in this body I actually feel a deep inner peace cultivating.”

~Mary Filice, Ashland, OR

Wall Came Crumbling Down

Wow! Val helped me get to the root of my issues.  First I felt a burden being lifted from my shoulders, then the wall I had built came crumbling down.  Would I see him again?  ABSOLUTELY!”  

~Bill Fleming, Glen Burnie, MD

New Laughter and Hope

“Dungeons and gilded cages are all I knew,

Some joy along with sorrow and pain so true,

Then Val showed me that tomorrow can bring

New laughter and hope if only I sing.

The songs that in my heart I hold,

And let go of emotions and wishes of old.

So now I am becoming the river that flows

A creative, prosperous Gypsy-lady who glows,

Free at last , free at last,

Flying high, away from the cages of the past.

~Liana H. , Toronto, Canada

Deep and Lasting Changes

“Val created an environment for to make deep and lasting changes.   I’d like to post a sign on his door to read, ‘Serious seekers only, please!”

~Jack Potticary, Ashland , OR

Gifts Uncovered

“Working with Val is without a doubt the best investment in personal I’ve ever made.  He has helped me uncover and develop gifts I never knew I had.”

~Hall Johnson, Columbus, OH

No Longer Felt Dead

“It’s difficult to describe what happened, but after a few sessions, I no longer felt dead.  Val helped me to recognize and understand my own feelings—and it felt as if someone were breathing air into me.  So much–in so little time”

~Yolanda Olivas, Burbank, CA

Fast Results

“One hour with Val is like three years of traditional psychotherapy!”

~Stephanie Regan, Amityville, NY

Real Men Have Feelings

“Blessings too numerous to mention have flowed to me as a result of knowing Val Logan and his lovely wife, Jeanette. I’ll share a few:  From Val I learned, its ok to have my feelings and its ok to express them in a loving, constructive way.  Anyone, but especially we middle-aged guys who modeled our lives on John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, can benefit from Val’s exceptional work.”

~Rob Christie, Tiburon, CA

Overcame Fear of Flying

“I first called Val after I began to take flying lessons. During my lessons I consistently experienced horrible, paralyzing fear on every final approach and landing – my legs would begin to shake, and I would get so upset, I’d have to end lessons prematurely. I called Val because I knew if I did not get some help, I would have to give up my dream of being a pilot. I’m totally amazed and delighted with his work. After only one session I went back to flying and employed the techniques we talked about. One month later I’m still flying every week and I’m able to enjoy the entire experience. Not only have I mastered my landings, but my instructor says I’m ready to solo. Val, I can’t thank you enough for finding the exact right way to touch my psyche. Love, Mary”

~Mary  B., Southern, CA

Uncomfortably Good

” I feel like I’ve found hidden treasure by finding Val Logan. His approach is way cooler than Dr. Phil’s and John Gray’s…his examples are crisper, his analysis is more precise. He’s tougher than both though because he is clearer and more honest, and I have to admit, he really makes me squirm a little and look at things whether I want to or not, and the result is always good. I realize that being comfortable all the time is not a good thing because it doesn’t help you transform.”

~Lakshmi, Bay Area, CA

Free, Clear and Available

“Ten years ago I lost my job and housing at the same time. A friend of mine recommended that I call Val Logan. I’m very grateful that I did. My life changed for the better within months.  Over the last 11 years I have seen Val at different times. When I feel unhappy or frustrated about things in my life, I give him a call. I have learned from him some of the ways I can work out problems on my own. He’s willing at any given moment to step up and help me. He’s playful and understanding and guides me through the dark place I get into sometimes. I come out the other side of it feeling Free, Clear and Available.”

~Pam Will, Marin County, CA

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