Fulfilling Relationships

Are you feeling stuck in a life of overwhelming stress and aching discontent?

Have you tried talking to friends?
Reading books? Attending Workshops?

The secret to getting unstuck may surprise you.

I have helped hundreds of people just like you
Move from being stuck to a life of
fulfillment and happiness.

Struggling with your relationship?

Are you ready to rejuvenate or replace a failing relationship?
Do you want a heavy, sad relationship restored back to the time when it was light and joyful? Back to a time when it was mutually fulfilling and nourishing? Val will help you create an uplifting relationship with your current partner or a partner-to-be. The arguments, misunderstandings and hurt feelings will become part of your remote past, freeing you to move forward into the relationship you really deserve.

Struggling with your inner critic?

Is it finally time to quiet the constant critic? The one who always puts you down and keeps you in emotional bondage? Do you want a better relationship with yourself - free to finally fly?

Val will help you re-frame any old, outdated inner visions of yourself. You will learn to transmute the inner darkness of the constant critic into a soul-nourishing light that will lift your spirits and your life.

"When I began working with Val, I thought an honest, supportive relationship was impossible. He helped me attract my harmonious life partner, and we continue to grow together. Thanks to Val, we're still going strong!"
Anjali S., Northern CA

Life and Relationship

Imagine your life with LESS STRESS. It doesn't have to be just a dream. I can help you achieve it.

I offer a free, no-risk 25-minute conversation to see if our work together will make that dream come true. Why Wait? Call 707-681-9707 now to see if we are a good fit.