Do You Need A Traditional Life Coach?

Many clients with whom I work either have had or have considered a traditional life coach. I applaud and honor that because it is a very healthy sign.

Although traditional life coaching is a discipline of which I am aware, it simply takes too much grueling work to be a real relief or life force enhancer. What does that mean?

Traditional life coaching, by most definitions, is a method of directing, instructing and training a person with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. Largely, this is a process of pushing a person towards a specific goal or milestone. It’s less of a journey of self-discovery and joy and a bit more like a forced march towards a certain predetermined (possible) destination. This focuses on the business of life expressed in written goals.

As I’ve previously revealed, a psychological counseling approach reaches back into the past to deal with historical traumas and blocks and then pulls the life-draining negative energy from then into the present. It can be very unpleasant, disruptive, painful, and quite damaging to your present-day spirit.

This invasive process can often shroud a fairly normal life experience today with pain, sorrow, loss and sadness that has long past. These negative whispers from the past inflict unnecessary trauma and drama from another time. As a general rule, these life-draining images and whispers need to stay where they belong – in the past.

As portrayed in Charles Dickens classic writing, “A Christmas Carol,” this is the ghost of days past.

Life coaching looks towards the future attempting to bring the images, feelings, and realities still to be created back into the present. The terrible news here is there is no stable present when you surround yourself with images and feelings that have yet to come to pass. There’s really no emotional foundation built upon which to underpin your present.

Again, “A Christmas Carol,” portrays this period as the ghost of things yet to come. No one pretends any of these visions are real today. Alternately, my clients and I celebrate and joyously express our most innermost loves and desires in the Christmas present.

My clients and I work in the here and now – preferring to forgo working on the business of life to concentrate on the joy of living fully today. Our concentration is to uncover the deepest and most authentic you that can be accessed. I promise there is a very good, loving, and joyful person inside every human spirit just looking for a way to the surface of your being and your present-conciousness.

The authentic you is the finest you that you can be.

In our work together, we will strive to bring forth that caring, loving spirit already in you. It will be allowed to come forth and flourish in the nurturing environment I create during our time together. With the skills I bring to you, it will be impossible for your authentic feelings, hopes, dreams and aspirations to stay hidden. We will bring forth the authentic you so you can then build an genuine life for yourself.

Many of my clients remark that, after working with me, they feel released, refreshed and immediately joyous. They feel uplifted in life. Isn’t this something you deserve?

Perhaps the second part of our work together is, by far, the most important and powerful. It’s doesn’t bring maximum value to you if we only uncover joy and mute your inner critic.

As we deal in the here and now, I will assist you in expanding your capacity to physically manifest your desired results in the world of today. Unlike the life coaching model of concentrating on the future, we will work together to manifest the best life, feelings and realities for the present time.

Why focus on being fabulous in the far future when you can feel Not So Good Right Now!

We will uncover and delve into your essential being, where all the best of you is waiting to be accessed and developed. My unique blend of spiritual guidance will lead you in becoming clear and energetically aligned with your most fulfilling aspirations. As a result, you will feel more naturally inspired and eager to move into the organized and timely action that will make a real difference in life.

This is not anything like a forced march. No. You will be inspired to walk the path of progress that you (yourself) have had revealed to you by your inner self. It’s truly a journey here toward the lightness of being which you have uncovered. Your spiritual energy will naturally propel you forward towards the authentic life and love you crave.

I don’t work with just anyone. I can only be successful with clients who are willing to be responsible for working forward on their own revealed and inspired direction. My only agenda is your agenda. However, we must be open and authentic with each other as we communicate. You don’t need to hide your authentic self from me.

You can derive great benefit from my tested, tried and true new client introduction process. First of all – I’ll forgo completely any initial fee. We’ll have a no-obligation, relaxed visit on the phone. I open myself up to you and your needs during a free dual-analysis consultation. As I listen to you, you can also listen to my heart and easily tell – at the end of our visit – if we might be a match. There’s no pressure during this exploratory, and extraordinary, free telephone conversation. It’s just a conversation.

This is my invitation to schedule a call with me. I’d love to hear from you. Think about it. Consider it. I’m here – always – in the present.