Deeper Intimacy

“Val’s guidance has allowed us to communicate in ways that have deepened our emotional connection. Many of our private fears that we thought we could never dissolve have disappeared and our love continues to grow deeper and richer with each other.” … more

Client Base Has Increased

“Working with Val…my relationships with family and friends have improved and my client base has increased. I feel empowered and am having lots more fun!”

Spontaneous Manifesting

“Since my sessions with Val, little and big things that I’ve wanted, from a span of 20 years or so up until the present, are being spontaneously manifested. It’s surprising and fun!”

Attract Your Partner

“When I began working with Val, I thought an honest, supportive relationship was impossible. He helped me attract my harmonious life partner, and we continue to grow together. Thanks to Val, we’re still going strong!”

Sleep Problem Resolved

“I am thankful to Val for his effective work with me that has had an immediate and positive impact on my sleep problem. It has now become easier to fall and stay asleep.”