High Praise

No Regrets

"A few months ago we were looking for a relationship coach. We chose Val Logan. He mainly works over the phone, and we could not imagine how this would work. He offers one full hour free, so we thought he is either very good or very bad, either way, we have nothing to lose. We both had done counseling before, but Val 'blew our minds.' I can attest to all the testimonials and claims made on his website and strongly recommend him for relationship coaching and personal growth work.

I found him to be extremely intuitive, clear, direct and to the point. He does not waste any time and cuts right through to help you to reveal the truth to you, if you like it or not.

The first free hour alone was worth hours and hours of "regular" counseling and I felt he truly wanted to help and not sell himself. We bought a 10 hour package and did not regret it."

Martin Ucik, Santa Rosa, CA

Sleep Problem Resolved

"I am thankful to Val for his effective work with me that has had an immediate and positive impact on my sleep problem.

I was unable to sleep for several weeks because of feelings of fear upon going to bed. During a session I learned that years of violent arguments between my parents, particularly at night, had left lingering feelings of vulnerability, [which Val help me to resolve.]

It has now become easier to fall and stay asleep. In addition, I began remembering my dreams, which I had not been able to do for some time."

Lucy G, Columbus, OH

Attract Your Partner

"When I began working with Val, I thought an honest, supportive relationship was impossible. He helped me attract my harmonious life partner, and we continue to grow together. Thanks to Val, we're still going strong!"

Anjali S., Northern CA

Improved Communication

"We may not have met and definitely wouldn't be together now if it weren't for Val's profound support. Today our relationship is magical and a source of inspiration for others."

Hall & Lisbeth Johnson, Columbus, OH

Deep Healing

"Val is helping me heal the deepest parts of my human soul! I had tried therapy, and other spiritual type growth seminars (all helped in part), but Val is the most exceptional coach/counselor I have ever worked with. I am forever grateful! He can "hear" in ways no therapist has been able to do for me. This is NOT ordinary counseling. Val will give you "new tools" for your tool box. Like me, you will begin to enjoy life's journey and flourish with deeper authentic vitality, love, intimacy, health, happiness, and self-expression. I felt like I was stuck on a treadmill "trying and trying" to feel and look better. Val took me "outside" that box...and its been a magnificent awareness!!

My relationships with my family and friends are improving. I am more comfortable and at ease with creative challenging communications with others. I am less concern with pleasing others and seeking approval to validate my self-worth. I have a NEW wonderful encouraging inner voice to replace the harsh critical unsupportive voice! ... I am forgiving myself. I am more accepting of myself and others...and I practice gratitude. Thank you Val, for your tremendous talents in teaching me how to have peaceful balance in my life!"

Elyse Walters, San Jose, CA

Client Base Has Increased

"Working with Val has heightend my awareness of my body sensations, enabling me to trust myself.  The benefits are accumulative. Relationships with family and friends have improved; my client base has increased.  I feel empowered and am having lots more fun!"

Karyn Deibel, Columbus, OH

Astounded By Results

"I have now worked with Val Logan for 3 months and am astounded at the results. He has helped me move onto bigger and better things in life in a very short time. Val has an innate sense for tuning into a persons blockages and is an expert in helping a person move beyond them.

In the past decade I have had several coaches for business and life and Val certainly ranks among the best. I especially appreciate his spiritual approach which perfectly rounds out his knowledge of personal psychology. I would recommend him to anyone."

Ursula Kloeters, San Francisco, Ca

Healing Grief From Loss

"I have worked with Mr. Logan over the past five years. I have seen him excel in group sessions as person after person became more and more aware of the core beliefs and values that blocked them from their true being. He has assisted me a lot in clearing up issues about my daughter's death."

Scott Paton, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Spontaneous Manifesting

"Since my sessions with Val, little and big things that I've wanted, from a span of 20 years or so up until the present, are being spontaneously manifested. It's surprising and fun!"

Sandy Murphey, Novato, CA

Improved Self-Esteem

"Val's gentle probing and nonjudgmental professionalism helps me feel safe to dive fearlessly to the source of my problems. Invariably his sessions are punctuated by bursts of laughter, frequent "ah-has" and occasional tears from old memories.

He is a master at correctly intuiting my feelings and reframing those early childhood misconceptions which still persist in undermining my self-esteem. God bless Val ... my transformational life coach."

Alan Larson, M.D., San Diego, CA