High Praise

Enjoying Life

"Val truly has a gift! Without even really knowing me, he was able to listen to my rambling, confused, babbling and separate the wheat from the chaff-and boy was there a lot of chaff. What was surprising to me was that there was also a lot of wheat that I was unable to see.

He reached in and helped to quiet the screaming, misunderstood aspects of myself which were suffocating from lack of attention and incomplete, inaccurate programming. This has enabled me to make a series of choices since that have allowed me to begin to really enjoy life & living. I only wish I had met him sooner!"

Lynelle Creamer, Placerville, CA

Hidden Treasure

"I feel like I've found hidden treasure by finding Val. For me, his approach and guidance is way cooler, crisper and more precise than Dr. Phil's and John Gray's. Also, he's tougher than both because he is clearer and more honest.  I have to admit, he really makes me squirm a little and look at things whether I want to or not. However, the result is always great! I realize that being comfortable all the time is not a good thing because it doesn't help you transform. I highly recommend him!"

L.B., Bay Area, CA

Incredible Freedom

"Val Logan has given me MANY pearls of wisdom that I actually USE! Through his incredible gifts, he is able to get past one's story, one's drama, one's analysis of a situation and go right to the core, the essence of what is really creating the story, the problem. Once the core is revealed, a tremendous healing can take place instantly and the story/problem and the emotions behind the story no longer exist. Val's highly perceptive guidance has helped me to feel better than I've ever felt. Years of acting out a situation or years of analysis can be resolved in a single session with Val. That's what he did for me!  Do not miss the opportunity of working with him to achieve incredible freedom in your life."

Candice Clark, New York, NY

The Right Job

"Because of Val's guiding techniques, I was able to release and move on from mental/emotional blocks, tap into some great energy, and attract the job that was right for me in only a matter of months."

Kathy Richter, San Francisco, CA

Quick Transformation

"Val's process is very gentle, quick and effective. I learned a lot about myself and about what was holding me back and was able to transform my challenging life situation in one session. When the process was completed, I felt whole and complete and looked at life through new eyes. It was a very valuable experience. Val is a gift to us all, and I have been blessed by his empowering abilities."

Dawn Fleming, Minister, Beacon of Light Center, Glen Burnie, MD

Impossible Made Possible

"Val has helped me to find the tools to resolve my issues. Working with Val has helped me to do things I previously felt were impossible to do and I feel incredibly empowered from this work."

Lisbeth Walter Johnson, Columbus, OH.

Deeper Intimacy

"Our phone work with Val has given us the skills to take our marriage of 26 years to the next intimate level. Just when we thought that our relationship was as good as it would get, Val's guidance has allowed us to communicate in ways that have deepened our emotional connection. Many of our private fears that we thought we could never dissolve have disappeared and our love continues to grow deeper and richer with each other. Thank you Val for your special skills and insights."

Paul and Elyse Walters, San Jose, CA

Overcame Terrifying Fears

"After one session with Val, I found myself experiencing myself and the people around me in such a way that for the first time I felt safe and secure (rather than apprehensive and stressed). During that session, Val helped me to make a fundamental shift in how I experience myself and others--a shift that now makes it possible for me to go places and do things I have previously felt too terrified to do.

When I work with Val, I feel as though we're dancing. I deeply trust his skillful direction and his creative process. In one session, I was able to do something with ease that, up till 3 months before, I wouldn't have even been willing to contemplate doing. Also, my work relationships are improving. Thanks Val!"

Robin Gurse, El Cerrito, CA

Life Altering Skills

"Thank you Val for assisting me in discovering the subconscious sabotaging programs that have been running my life, and teaching me life altering skills that now allow me to live on a conscious level, the life I was destined to experience. No price tag is too great for such a gift."

Marcus Dunlop, Indianapolis, IN

Transformational Clarity

"I have had the pleasure of using Val as my life coach for about two years and find his insight and methodology extremely useful, clarifying and transformational. I highly recommend Val as a life coach."

Ruth Larson, M.D., Diplomat: American Board of Dermatology, San Diego, CA