A Better You

You may remember in my last message to you I referenced childhood monsters under the bed? There’s actually many, many misconceptions conceived in childhood. Sad to say, many are forced on us at a young age by others. You can reverse and replace those old misconceptions.

One of my clients, Dr. Larson from San Diego, wanted my help in dealing with these kind of issues. He reports –

[quote]“Val’s gentle probing and non-judgmental professionalism helps me to dive fearlessly to the source of my problems. Invariably his sessions are punctuated by bursts of laughter, frequent “ah-has” and occasional tears from old memories. He is a master at correctly intuiting my feelings and re-framing those early childhood misconceptions which still persist is undermining my self-esteem. Good bless Val – my transformational life coach.”[/quote]

A comedian can tell an audience is listening when they laugh in the right places. The places in which they’re supposed to laugh. It’s not too funny in our daily lives if people laugh at our deepest thoughts.

When was the last time you felt that you were truly heard; that what you said actually mattered greatly to your listener…that your “audience” responded in a loving and helpful manner?

In my last message to you, I covered some material from the Law of Attraction…how you can draw good things to you just by changing your thoughts and belief pattern. I’d like to talk for just a minute about increasing self-esteem or self-confidence in your life starting today.

In a previous note, I discussed the one, important limitation of psychology – dragging the hurts, pain, agony and traumas of the past into our present. There are inherent limitations to this approach.  If you believed in a monster under your bed as a child, it’s not going to be productive or helpful to bring that old belief and fear to the forefront today. If necessary, we can re-frame those traumas quickly (quickly!), render them harmless and immediately get back on the right road.

With me, you’ll be working towards fast results and advancing your journey in the present toward your most fulfilling and satisfying future path as effectively as possible. We’ll be interactive, action-oriented partners in progress.

Instead of getting stuck in the darkness tracking you from behind like an untrained German Shepard (biting you on your heals), you and I will direct our attention to the bright light of the truth in the present moment– with the aim of creating an authentic, well lived life in joy and love right now. Wouldn’t you really rather have a joyous, authentic life based on your core beliefs and principles that will then draw like-minded people to you? Nothing will stop us from getting to a better place.

One major block to progress is fear of any kind – rational, irrational, real or perceived. Almost everyone is held back by fear because completely fearless people are rare. Here’s just one example of an irrational fear.

For decades, various polls reported that most people fear public speaking more than even death. A common sense view of funerals would indicate you’re better off being the guest of honor at the funeral than the more fearful person delivering the eulogy. Kind of silly, isn’t it? One way to deal with fear or discomfort is to take very real, small action steps to engage and conquer it.

For a fear of public speaking, prepare a presentation of 30 seconds illustrated with a few hand-held pictures and deliver your talk to a group of three people. You will grow further and faster is you embrace the feedback from your tiny audience. Talk to them about what they learned in your presentation. Ask about what sections needed clarification or were unclear.

With that one small action step in the present, you’ve increased your self-confidence in the present and in your future. It is truly one small step for mankind and one giant leap into the bright and glorious future of your dreams. They can come true.

Challenges will then become real opportunities for growth and understanding. Your results will become verifiable in your life through meaningful experiences and heartfelt communication. What you have been taught before to avoid will become your path of enlightenment and your saving grace.

Your essential being is already within you waiting to be accessed and developed. My transformation leadership will guide you to a place of more clarity where you can then be energetically aligned with your most fulfilling aspirations. As a result, you will feel more naturally inspired and eager to move towards the organized and timely action that will make a real difference in your life.

Fears will melt away and you will feel very comfortable in taking these actions.

I have absolute faith in your greatness. My commitment to your success in life, and your success in love and relationships – is unwavering. You will feel the wonderful, deep heart-felt feeling associated with finally living an authentic life. My commitment to meet you at this current place in your journey is also unwavering.

I’m ready to accept your entry into my life with a simple telephone call. Perhaps you just want a little more clarity relating to your current challenges. You may just want to be authentically heard today. Maybe you just want to know if I’m authentic. Call and ask questions of me. There’s absolutely no charge or obligation attached to the call for either of us.

Don’t let any fear of unknowns stop you from making the call to me. It’s a small step towards realizing your greatest aspirations and starting – right now – to attract what you truly want in your life. It is a big deal. It’s not just a conversation. It could very well be a pivotal step for you. I am here for you.

All my best,


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