Loving Relationships

Have Your Relationships Lost Those “Lovin’ Feelings?”

There’s really nothing like having had a loving relationship that has gone bad. It’s a feeling that is so emotionally heavy it just weighs on you all the time.

You are not alone, my friend. The feeling of love long gone is quite predominant in our culture.

In 1964, the Righteous Brothers released a record titled, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” One signature line reads…”There’s no welcome look in your eyes when I reach for you.”

In 1999, the performing-rights organization Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) ranked the song as having had more radio and television play in the United States than any other song during the 20th century.

Why did this song resonate with so many people? You already know, don’t you?

Because – like you – most people have experienced the hurt feelings, the agony, and loneliness of a broken relationship. Let me repeat: You are not alone. It is hard, however, to distinguish the pain of a past relationship failure versus the crushing weight of a current relationship failure. It all just hurts.

Isn’t it time you moved toward a mutually satisfying and fulfilling relationship with a permanent life partner? Is that something you want?

Would you welcome –

  • An “Owner’s Manual” for your ideal relationship?
  • The opportunity to be able to recognize what a satisfying and fulfilling relationship looks like?
  • The ability to finally create and strengthen a successful intimate relationship?
  • Some help finding a compatible relationship in which you share common values?
  • The capacity to create a loving, trustworthy, long-term reliable relationship?

I tell you that it can be yours.

Many clients over the years have come to my practice desperately searching for relationship answers. Maybe you’ve had a love you lost? Maybe you’re in a relationship that was once joyous and fulfilling. But now it’s just a “quicksand” partnership – dragging you further down and getting heavier with each step forward?

I believe relationships are our best teachers. All relationships, whether it is with your inner self, your Divine Spirit, family members, co-workers, close friends or your life partner encourage us to grow and develop. The interactive growth process is challenging and also very rewarding when you realize this process helps us improve who we are as valuable, genuine human beings.

The primary love relationships in your life must be ones in which you share a set of common values. These critical connections must be formed with authenticity, trust, honesty, shared direction and actions in concert with one another. You must give respect and be respected. You must hear and be heard. You must respect the boundaries of others and have your own boundaries respected.

I get many letters, notes, comments and other affirmation that my coaching changes lives. Anjali S. in Northern California sent me a note that said, “When I began working with Val, I thought an honest, supportive relationship was impossible. He helped me to attract my harmonious life partner and we continue to grow together. Thanks to Val, we’re still going strong.”

I urge you to dig deep down and uncover your innermost desires, hopes and fears. Only by understanding our deepest self can we live the authentic life and truly understand others in an authentic way. If you choose to work with me, you will begin to have greater access to your truthful, core self and your life passions. Therefore, the actions you take will be more effective. This will continue to grow your high self-esteem and genuine self-confidence.

This guided discovery process is absolutely essential and instrumental in creating lasting change that feels authentic, satisfying and fulfilling…because it is driven by your truthful, core self.

Perhaps all is well in your internal and external relationships. My hope for you is a life of truthful, authentic, mutually satisfying, supportive, and loving relationships. May you never lose that “lovin’ feeling” in your important core relationships.

If you would like more of these kinds of relationships or assistance in deepening an existing life-critical relationship, I invite you to explore the coaching relationship with me. We can have a pleasant, positive, affirming telephone conversation with absolutely no obligation on either of our parts.

Our call would allow us to both explore the core drivers and talents of each of us and determine if we may be a good fit to work together now or in the future. There’s no cost for this call or any attendant obligation. It’s just a friendly conversation between a potential coach and client.

All my best,


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