Support for Singles and Couples

Singles, Work With Val and Learn How To

  • Create an unbelievably comprehensive fulfilling relationship profile
  • Resolve whatever may be blocking your success in using the law of attraction to your advantage
  • Discover if your current relationship is a fulfilling relationship that will last
  • Feel worthy of having the healthy love and relationships you want and deserve
  • Deal with your fears and anxiety about being critically judged and rejected
  • Date consciously and wisely and learn to recognize potential issues in communication early on
  • Create healthy, fulfilling relationship goals, based on reality not fantasy
  • Let go of perfection and create more compatibility
  • Release your past so you can stop choosing the wrong people

Issues in Communication
“You are what I never knew I always wanted.”
~From the movie, Fools Rush In

Couples, Are you Facing
Stressful Communication Issues?

Val has helped many couples improve their issues in communication and create more harmony together. Here are some examples of issues taken from Val’s fulfilling relationship sessions. Can you relate to any of them? (Names have been changed for privacy.)

  • Jeff and Brenda were having trouble working out differences with money management and child raising
  • Jerry felt unclear about whether he was with the right person or not
  • Susan felt that she was being taken for granted and was upset about reoccurring communication issues
  • Lance and Monica weren’t being honest with each other because of underlying fears and anxiety
  • Victor felt that he was losing himself in the relationship
  • Christine and Robert wanted to improve their loving and intimate sexuality
  • Tonya didn’t know how to speak up for herself and be heard
  • Donna and Connie had difficulty trusting each other based on past love and relationships
  • Norman had been unfaithful, and he and Eilieen were uncertain about how to rebuild and create a fulfilling relationship
  • Andrew and Maria were having trouble creating quality time together
  • Extreme jealousy was damaging Olivia and Hal’s relationship

Love Isn’t Enough to Create A Fulfilling RelationshipLove and Relationships

Outstanding relationships don’t just happen because we fall in love. They are developed over time using proven tools, skills and strategies. Val can show you how to create and maintain strong, reliable relationships even during challenging times. This is LIVING the authentic life!

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