My Extensive Transformation Agent Toolbox

If you’re having some trouble in major areas of your life, perhaps working with me as your spiritual transformation agent could help you move forward rapidly.

  • You may be stuck in a stagnant loop of confusion and despair;
  • It may be that the word “love” in “love of my life” has completely dissipated;
  • You may fear you will never even have a “love of your life;”
  • Your life and love relationships may feel like they are all mired in quicksand;
  • You may wake up every day with a truly heavy heart.

Over my decades of practice, I’ve found that most traditional counseling disciplines fall short of truly helping hurting souls. So, I’ve pulled together a complete toolbox of techniques from which I draw to help my clients.

Without question, my ability to hear your heart intuitively – your most innermost desires and fears – is the greatest ability I bring to you.  Dr. Larson (San Diego, CA) wrote about this particular talent: “He is a master at correctly intuiting my feelings and re-framing those early childhood misconceptions which still persist in undermining my self-esteem. God bless Val.”

While I’m somewhat humbled by Dr. Larson’s praise of this powerful skill, I fully accept that this is one of the reasons my clients have had so much success in life and in relationships.

Each of the clients who decide to work with me as their transformational spiritual coach have all been initially touched by the treatment they receive. I offer a humanistic approach that regards each person as valuable and having the potential for greater fullness of living.

My overall approach to helping you is holistic. All aspects of your life are considered as we move forward. My approach encompasses your physical representation, your mental and emotional state, your current social connection and your spiritual feelings and beliefs. Each part has a relationship with all the others.

Finally, my tried and proven approach is expansive and eclectic – which frees me to select from a variety of strategies in working with you. I have a deep and comprehensive set of methodologies from which to choose. Over the decades of working with individuals and couples, my coaching, counseling and communication work has become my own unique blend of spiritual counseling, transformational coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), law of attraction education and intuition. These modalities work magically together to help you in empowering ways.

Here’s A Sampling Of My Therapeutic And Transformation Tools

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological approach to communication and personal development that focuses on the connection between mind, body and language. When we interrupt the old pattern  and change the how you talk to yourself now, that can often quickly lead to emotional breakthroughs.


Hypnotherapy as a conscious suggestible state is an accepted and proven clinical procedure used in conjunction with other therapies and treatments. It’s just one of the effective tools I use to help you move forward. You don’t have to be put to sleep. With my guidance you consciously and immediately become a part of the altered state.

Relationship and Love Connection Guidance

Relationships are often our best teachers. Your relationship with self, the higher Divine Spirit, your life partner and others can be a continuing flowing fountain of growth and happiness. Relationship guidance can help put your entire self-world relationship on track.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling can help you to connect to your deepest life purpose and put your passionate feelings behind everything you do. This will lead to deep satisfaction and feelings of joy.

Transformational Counseling

I don’t artificially require that you stay in whatever bad place you are currently in. We will immediately start to discover the place where you would like to be and quickly move you toward it. However, we are going to focus on where you are AND where you want to be. My job is to help you get there in the most effective and healthiest way.

Law of Attraction Concentration and Training

Most people with whom I work are stuck in some kind of “loss” or “lack” mentality. One of the most powerful tools we can use is the Law of Attraction counseling and training. This touches your most essential being allowing you to attract and manifest those things you truly want and deserve into your current and future reality.

These are some of the tools available to us in our work. There are actually too many different aspects to my transformational work to list here. They are all best experienced during our time together.

I work somewhat like a master chef at a world-famous 5-star restaurant. Based on your needs and desires, I deliver a special therapeutic “meal” just for you. You will receive a blend of base ingredients, side courses, flavoring and spices blended specifically for you. There is no “one size fits all” in my work. You are unique.

If you’re struggling in an important area of your life, give me a call today. Our initial telephone visit can last up to an hour with no charge to you. This will show you exactly how we may be able to work together to achieve your highest aspirations…your deepest, authentic journey.

I’m just a phone call away.


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