Your Journey

Most people who are drawn to my practice are looking (in some way) for a more fulfilling, authentic life filled with personal progress and positive communication with all others. You may be looking for the ability to rejuvenate a heavy, dead relationship. You may be looking to attract your most compatible, respective life partner.

Just to be totally transparent and authentic with you, I’ll share with you some of the methods that I’ve found to be successful in my life and my clients’ lives. I’ll also share information about practices that do not lead to a life of fulfillment and joy.

The Inherent Limitations of Traditional Psychotherapy.

If you’ve ever experienced traditional psychotherapy (or talked with others who have), you already know the potential pitfalls of probing the past. While it may be helpful to – briefly –  visit past difficult times. The only real purpose in doing so would be to release spiritual energy trapped in those events.

You may have explored this kind of therapy and received some benefit from it. Fortunately, I am able to utilize intuitive methodology and skilled listening ability combined with an extensive range of different treatment tools. With my clients, the past is only a place to visit and not a place to live. The past that is being held in the present may be holding your spiritual energy hostage and with my skillful guidance this is where your freedom will miraculously appear.

The main problem with the practice of only focusing on the past is negative energy from there may be brought again into your current life…further diminishing your capacity to direct maximum positive energy on today’s challenges and growth.

My practice is elevated above most traditional methods. We deal with today’s feelings and behavior while moving rapidly towards a positive solution. Which then naturally leads you to your genuine life energy and the deep satisfaction you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve experienced psychological treatment, I applaud your desire and determination to grow. Perhaps the most dramatic drawback of traditional psychotherapy is that many of my clients have felt it was s emotionally limited and often ineffective. I’d like to invite you to experience a new kind of joyous and fulfilling therapeutic journey – guided by light of truth, happiness and movement towards your courageous life.

My Practice And A Life Of Living the Deeper Truth – Guiding Your Inner Critic

Welcome to my world which starts with us together in the here and now. My goal is to help you to experience authentic joy, and freedom that gets better and better as time goes by.

Yes, my methods are eclectic, and I always start with light of truth – not darkness.  Instead of cursing the darkness, it is always better to light a candle instead.

For example, many, many clients have trouble with their inner critics; that ever present, heavy drumbeat of inner criticism and pessimism. The voice of constant doom, gloom, and failure.

As my client, you will learn exactly how to have a more healthy inner dialogue. You’ll start – almost immediately – to conjure up creative solutions and to feel good about your positive results. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to be able to turn your seemingly negative feelings and actions into a positive and workable solution which is both inspirational and practical?

This is one transformation we can swiftly work on together. We start with the here and now and can effectively free up your energy to delve into your essential being – where all of the best of you is waiting to be accessed and developed.

My transformational coaching will support and guide you in becoming clear and energetically aligned with your most fulfilling aspirations. You will feel eager to move into the organized and timely action that will make a real difference in your life. Energized actions will easily redirect your harshest inner critic. This will put you in ultimate control of your actions and your activity.

Sounds a little like Shangri-La here on earth, doesn’t it? And why not here?

The key is this: What you have been taught to avoid will become your path of enlightenment and your saving grace.

I’m Not For Everyone And Everyone Is Not For Me

I don’t work with just anyone. I can only be successful with clients who are willing to be responsible for working toward their own selected goals. My only agenda is your agenda. However, we must be open and straightforward with each other.

You can derive great benefit from my tested, tried and true new client introduction process. First of all – it will be totally at my expense. I’ll pay for our first experience together. It’s a no-obligation, relaxed conversational visit over the phone. I open myself up to you and your needs during a free dual-analysis consultation. As I listen to you, you can also listen to my heart and easily tell – at the end of our visit – if we might be a match. There’s no pressure during this exploratory, free telephone conversation. It’s just a conversation.

This is my invitation to schedule a visit with me by telephone, if you’re so moved. I’d welcome your call. Think about it. Consider it. I’m here.


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