Life Issues

Fears and AnxietyAre you living other people’s expectations instead of following the authentic life path you desire?

  • Are you afraid to speak up for yourself?
  • Do you easily get upset or worried about your future?
  • Do you often tell yourself you’re not good enough?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut or overwhelmed?
  • Do you push yourself to hard?
  • Are you insecure about money?
  • Is there a lot of clutter in your life?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your job?
  • Are you unclear about what you want?
  • Do you procrastinate or have trouble finishing projects?
  • Does feeling good cause you to feel uncomfortable or guilty?

The authentic lifeExperience Improvement in Love and Relationships

Did we cover the bases? Go to the source of each these stresses and you will discover a commonality, a link between all of them. If you deal with the root cause of just one of these problems then you will experience improvement in many of the other areas of your life.

Find YOUR OWN Key to Optimizing the Law of Attraction

Val helps you to find the key that will unlock your personal life energy and clear your blocks to creating and attracting success. It is not the same key for everyone. This is why it is crucial that you have a skillful guide by your side. With Val’s assistance you will positively transform yourself and LIVE the authentic life of your dreams.

You Are A MaInner Critic - Fulfilling Relationshipsgnificent Being Worthy of Fulfilling Relationships

You are a magnificent being worthy of love, respect and support. You are capable of greatness in your life. Val would love to assist you in seeing what unexpected surprises await you when you begin to resolve your issues in communication with yourself and others. He would love to show you how much easier and happier your life can be. Are you ready to laugh about your misguided perceptions? To enjoy the worthy challenges? Then you had just better contact Val. Now is the time for a better life with more vibrant health and fulfilling relationships. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. NOW!

Ready to LIVE the Authentic Life? Val Will Teach You How To

  • Turn your inner critic into your best friend
  • Give to yourself what has been missing in your life
  • Transform your negative beliefs, patterns and emotions so you feel more energized and function more effectively (handle fears and anxiety and resolve issues in communication)
  • Tap into your unrealized potential and become more creatively alive
  • Use your life challenges as valuable opportunities for personal growth
  • Discover and develop your unique gifts and talents and attract work that you really love
  • Expand your capacity for love and harmonious relationships, abundance and feeling good

Fears and Anxiety Transformed

“Working with Val has helped me to do things I previously felt were impossible to do and I feel incredibly empowered from this work.”

~Lisbeth Walter Johnson, Columbus, OH.

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