Relationship Issues

Do you Know How to Build Lasting, Fulfilling Relationships AND Feel Valued For Who You Really Are?

Val Will Give You the Answers and Solutions You Need!

Having TROUBLE with Love and Relationships?

  • Spending more time FIGHTING than you are caring about each other?
  • Or maybe…you’re single, with NO LUCK finding the right ONE for you?
  • Why are relationships so DIFFICULT? Are they turning out to be different than you expected them to be?

Communication IssuesMost likely you’re certain that you want a life partner with whom you can share your journey of life, but uncertain about how to actually create a fulfilling relationship that improves over time. Well fortunately, whether you’re single , dating or not, or currently in a committed relationship, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You CAN have the vibrant fulfilling relationship you want and deserve. You can LEARN how to build the kind of relationship that brings out the best in you and your partner.

Fulfilling RelationshipsImagine LIVING the Authentic Life

Imagine what it will feel like when you share a mutual loving support with your partner that gets better and grows deeper as time goes by. Val has assisted thousands of people like you to LIVE the authentic life by overcoming obstacles and establishing real trust to bring about more rewarding love and relationships.

Expedite Your Results

With ordinary counseling it often takes a long time to achieve the results that you’ll quickly get with Val. He is a master at getting right to the cause of your communication issues and helping you transform them so you can move fearlessly forward in your life.

Step By Step Formula for Fulfilling Relationships

Val’s proven process includes the actual step-by-step formula he used to find his wife, Jeanette, and build the beautiful fulfilling relationship that they have together. Val has successfully assisted many people of different ages, cultures and settings in improving the quality of their lives. HE CAN HELP YOU TOO! Find out how you can LIVE the authentic life.

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Learn How To

  • Give and receive the love you really want
  • Speak your truth and earn the respect you deserve
  • Listen and be heard for better understanding
  • Resolve issues in communication and create more peace and harmony
  • Spark your intimate connection and keep it burning
  • Get VERY clear about what you want (It may surprise you!)
  • Attract or create your IDEAL partnership (Get the law of attraction working FOR you!)

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Individual and Group Support
for Communication Issues

Val also works with Individuals and Groups who are dealing with stFears and Anxietyressful communication issues and want to improve other important relationships, such as their relationship with themselves, their children, parents or coworkers.

Tools for Better Love and Relationships

A successful fulfilling relationship is not one that is free of challenges. Life challenges are inevitable. It is HOW we respond to them that determines the quality of our life together. It’s a known fact that most of us enter significant relationships without having effective tools to succeed. No wonder it’s so hard! Consequently, our divorce rate is high and a lot of couples are unhappy.

Love Isn’t Enough to Create Fulfilling Relationships

Love and RelationshipsFulfilling relationships don’t just happen because we fall in love. They are developed over time using proven tools, skills and strategies. Val can show you how to create and maintain strong relationships even during challenging times. Read More>

Past Love and Relationships Gone Wrong

“I am currently in a fulfilling relationship with my wife, Jeanette. But it hasn’t always been that way.” Read More>

Worthy Investment for LIVING the Authentic Life

One of the best investments you can make in yourself is in fulfilling relationship coaching. It’s the #1 prevention of break-ups and divorce. Olympic athletes have coaches. Why not you?Fulfilling Relationship

Long-Lasting Return with Love and Relationships

Fulfilling Relationship training is an invaluable investment, not an expense because it brings a long-lasting return of love, joy, and peace of mind. How wonderful it’s going to be when you and your partner no longer struggle with communication issues, but get along beautifully and bring out the best in each other!

Click here to Get your FREE 25-minute Personal Rehab Session, 
One-on-One with Val Logan

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  1. Most people can’t even hold a dcenet conversation these days. Their communication skills have gone electronic. Texting and Blog Posting have replaced table top conversations. There are less consequences for electronic posting then making conversation and face to face debates. Is it no surprise relationships have suffered because of this?

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